Ten Top Tips for looking hot on holiday!

Woman on a beach

Summer is upon us and it hopefully won’t be long until you’re basking in the sun. With the met office predicting a summer heat wave (hopefully they’re right) you won’t need to head off to foreign shores to pop on the bikini and make the most of the sun.

I’ve listed my ten top tips for looking & feeling great, in the park on the beach or by the pool:

1. Scrub of your life use a body exfoliator with grains as this is the best to use as it removes the dead skin cells and promotes a fresh long lasting tan!

2. Moisture using a light body moisturiser will help to keep the skin hydrated and silky soft!

3. Ditch your foundation using a tinted moisturiser whilst sunbathing will help your skin breathe, foundations will be too heavy and can cause your skin to sweat.

4. Wax Wax Wax ensure you’re booked in for a waxing treatment and ditch your razor! Removing the hairs from the follicle will insure your hair free for a lot longer than shaving.

5. Luscious lashes get yourself booked in for a lash tint. This darkens your lashes to give the illusion of mascara without the panda eyes!!

6. Fit feet prepare your feet for flip flop by using a foot rasp on dry feet as this buffs swag all the hard dead skin. Then exfoliate your feet with a light foot scrub. Lastly use a thick foot cream and smooth into the heels of your feet.

7. Crusty lips mix together a sugar scrub and gently rub away the chapped skin on your lips. Finish with a  lip balm.

8. Face packs applying a face mask a few times before you go away will deeply cleanse your pores and insure no breakouts occur during sun exposure. Aswel as giving your skin a glow.

9. Prettyful nails choosing a bright holiday colour is a must for your nails! Having plain feet is a NO NO! The brighter the better as this will enhance your tan.

10. Hair mask prepare your locks for the sun and sea by applying a hair mask such as Aussie 3minute miracle! This will help tame the frizz in the humidity too!

If you would like more information about any of the above or would like to book an appointment for a professional treatment to ensure you look ‘Hot for Holiday’ Visit our appointments page and send a message. Alternatively you can on 07799 874 011 and I’ll be happy to help.