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Superfoods that perform miracles on your skin…

I have selected the most common and easy to find ingredients that will get you well on your way to clear worry free skin.

Anti oxidants have a major effect on your skin. They tighten and brighten whilst refreshing sluggish tired skin. For example adding dark berries to your porridge, watercress to your salads and broccoli to your smoothies you will see luminosity to tired dull skin.

Nuts contain vitamin E, calcium and iron which improves skin health and skin function. So instead of your daily chocolate bar reach for these.

Garlic, peppermint and sweet potato have very healing and calming properties. With stress been one of the biggest causes of breakouts these ingredients treat your body with stress relief. Also cottage cheese and beetroot are two super foods that contain vitamin A working to eliminate toxins blocking open pores.

My favourite is Green Tea. Although the taste isn’t the best the results help you to power through. It boosts your immune system (especially these cold winter days). Aids digestion so if you feel particularly bloated after certain foods. Since I have started drinking it I feel my skins natural luminosity and healthy glow has improved, saving me a fortune on makeup.

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