Fake Bake wins gold – Marie Claire

Fake Bake


“Fake Bake is one of the best self tanners on the market with an olive-hued undertone as opposed to orange”

Popular with the celebs you will not be disappointed with this award winning tan. To prepare for a spray tan it is important to exfoliate- this will ensure that the tan does not go uneven on any part of the body, it also helps to make the tan last longer. When having a tan we recommend to come to our beauty salon in Chorley in loose dark clothing to get changed into once the tan has been applied.

With two different colours of fake bake this ensures the right desired outcome. For fairer skin tones and people that want a lighter more natural tan we recommend the original tan. For people with more olive skin and those that like a deeper tan we recommend the darker tan.

If you would like more tips about Fake Bake or to have it applied professionally, click here and book an appointment today.